TweetTrader.net strives to be the most innovative financial information market for stock microblogs. Twitter has become a vibrant forum to exchange financial information and trading advice. However, most related third-party applications are limited to filtering the message stream by ticker symbol. TweetTrader.net cuts through the noise by not only filtering information, but analyzing message content and aggregating it in a meaningful fashion.

To this day, financial markets are the most efficient information aggregation mechanisms we know. All available information and opinions of market participants are aggregated in the current price. A look at the stock price is enough to know what’s going on with a company. Microblogs offer a tremendously rich resource of financial information. Yet this “wisdom of crowds” is rarely combined in a telling way. Therefore, TweetTrader.net wants to serve as an information aggregator for stock-related social media content. We want to help investors see through the data and extract insights, opinions, and sentiment from millions of messages.