Stock Game FAQ

What is the Stock Game?

The TweetTrader Stock Game is a stock-related, real-time, Twitter-based, multi-player game. You can earn points by making predictions about the future development of a stock price (e.g., you say that the share price of Apple Inc. will go up today). Predictions are made for the end of the trading day or until you make an opposite prediction for the same stock. The goal of the game is to earn as many points (i.e., make as many correct predictions) as you can.

How can I make a prediction and participate in the Stock Game?

All you have to do is enter a tweet containing a valid prediction for a stock. You can use your favorite Twitter client to send the tweet and make as many predictions as you want in a single message. You can even make retweets that already contain a prediction or add one to any other stock-related retweet.

What is a valid prediction?

Valid predictions are predictions on the direction of the future stock price of an S&P 100 company. Stock-related messages on Twitter usually include the $-delimiter followed by the relevant stock symbol (e.g., “$AAPL”). To participate in the Stock Game simply add a plus or a minus sign, depending on your prediction for end of day stock price:

If you think the price will go UP: “$SYMBOL+” (e.g., “$AAPL+”)

If you think the price will go DOWN: “$SYMBOL-” (e.g., “$AAPL-“)

Can you show me an Example?

TweetPredictionPrice at predictionCurrent Price 
via U.S. Stocks Fall On Economic Concerns $ADBE-

The first column shows the original tweet, which contains the prediction “$ADBE-” (meaning Adobe systems will go down). The second column highlights the prediction. The third column shows the stock price (26.67$) at the time of the prediction. This price is then compared to the current stock price. You earn a point if the prediction is correct.

Is it possible to change the prediction during the day?

Yes, you are allowed to make several predictions a day. As long as you make predictions for different stocks or for the same stock at different times of the day, the predictions are just added to your prediction stack. If you make a prediction that changes the direction (up vs. down) of one of your previous predictions, the first prediction will be closed and evaluated (i.e., points awarded or not). This way you can easily react to intraday changes.

What can I win?

You can win more than money can buy: Friends and followers! Regular participation is a chance for you to show the Twitter community that you know your stocks. TweetTrader publishes multiple rankings that identify the best players. And sooner than later stock followers will come your way…